Light leating oil Ekoterm Plus

Ekoterm Plus is a modern heating fuel widely used to fire boilers in residential central heating systems, as well as in industrial and process furnaces. Our product is an ideal heat source for facilities with no access to natural gas distribution networks. 

At PKN ORLEN we make every effort to ensure that our heating fuel properties combine the highest quality and operational safety. To enhance its usability, Ekoterm Plus contains a special composition of additives beneficially affecting fuel consumption and the lifetime of oil-fired heating systems. For your convenience, Ekoterm Plus is available country-wide.

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Item No Property Value
1 Density at 15 °C, max. 860 kg/m3
2 Heating value, min. 42.6 MJ/kg
3 Flash point, min. 56°C
4 Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, max. 6.00 mm2/s
5 Fractional composition:
- distillate up to 250 °C, max.
- distillate up to 350 °C, min.
65% (V/V)
85% (V/V)
6 Pour point, max. -20°C
7 Residue after coking from 10 % of distillation residue, max. 0.3% (m/m)
8 Sulphur content, max. 0.20% (m/m)
9 Water content, max. 200 mg/kg
10 Solid impurities, max. 24 mg/kg
11 Ash residue, max. 0.01% (m/m)
12 Colour red
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