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Investor relations

 Sale of shares in ORLEN Transport Warszawa to ORLEN Transport Plock

No. 78/ 2003  | 30-10-2003
Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. ("PKN ORLEN") Central Europe's largest downstream oil company, hereby announces that today PKN ORLEN sold to ORLEN Transport Plock 59,447 shares of ORLEN Transport Warszawa of a par value PLN 100 per share. The above shares represent 94.49% of the initial capital of ORLEN Transport Warszawa and the same number of votes at its shareholders' meeting. The transaction value equals PLN 6,000,000.

The remaining stake of 5.51% in ORLEN Transport Warszawa is owned by its employees.

PKN ORLEN's holding in ORLEN Transport Plock totals 97.58%.

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