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As we are aware of the impact of our operations on the natural environment, while conducting business activity we always ensure that the maximum possible environmental neutrality is maintained during production processes, and product storage and distribution. The pro-environmental investment projects launched in recent years allowed us to reduce emissions of pollutants while increasing the processing volumes.

PKN ORLEN, by a decision of the Polish Council of Ministers (Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 1 July 2008 on the adoption of the National Plan for the Allocation of CO2 Emission Allowances in 2008–2012 under the Community Emissions Trading Scheme, Polish Journal of Laws Dz. U. no. 202, item  1248 of 14 November 2008) received CO2 emission allowances for the period of 2008–2012. Those allowances will be used to calculate the actual and auditor revised emission in the period. The Company has a permit to participate in the Community Emissions Trading Scheme for emissions from:

  • the CHP and refinery units – valid until 31 Dec 2014;
  • the petrochemical cracking unit – Olefins II – valid until 31 Dec 2017.

GHG emission is generated from processes covered by the CO2 emissions trading scheme:

  • fuel combustion in fuel combustion units (combined heat and power plant);
  • combustion in refinery unit devices, in particular furnaces, flares, stationary combustion engines;
  • refinery processes (hydrogen production, catalyst regeneration, decoking of furnace chambers (pipes), hydrogen sulphide utilisation.


ORLEN Group 2019 Integrated Report