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Green investments

    As industry has material impact on the natural environment and on human life, it is extremely important to make this impact as neutral as possible. This goal requires a consistent approach and involves expenditure. Our spending on environmental protection projects at the Płock Production Plant in 2008 were higher by 112% compared with 2007, and reached PLN 259,12 mn.

The spending on pro-environmental projects accounted for 21% of the aggregate capital expenditure of the Płock Production Plant in 2008. We implemented a number of projects mitigating the Plant’s impact on particular components of the natural environment, including: 

  • construction of HON VII (diesel oil hydrorefining) unit and the related infrastructure
  • construction of Claus II unit and the related infrastructure
  • alteration of process filling in wet cooling towers in the cooling system
  • alteration of the fuel system in the Combined Heat and Power Plant
  • soundproofing air ventilators at boilers in the Combined Heat and Power Plant
  • upgrading of electric motors at cooling water pumps at the Refinery Cooling Towers
  • replacement of electric engines at the Petrochemicals Cooling Towers.

Four of the above projects were continued in 2009.


Other major expenditure we made on environmental protection in 2008 was as follows:

  1. reclamation costs – PLN 6.449,122.04,
  2. external services related to environmental management – PLN 621,767.00 (including emission measurements and laboratory testing),
  3. research and development as well as purchase and use of permits – PLN 889,219.00 (including expenses related to the preparation of an application for amending the integrated permit)
  4. charges for economic use of the environment at the Płock Production Plant – PLN 16,572,326.63.