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    Our ambition is to make PKN ORLEN a safe workplace and our objective is to reduce the number of accidents and occupational diseases to zero. Our actions are based on the assumption that effective precautionary
measures give a sense of security, which ensures not only a peaceful work environment but is also reflected in the financial performance of the Company.

Number of accidents at PKN ORLEN in the period 1999–2008

In 2008, there were 26 work-related accidents at PKN ORLEN, with no serious, group or fatal accidents. The sickness absence related to accidents at work amounted to 952 days, which translated into the severity rate of 36.6 (number of days away from work per one accident). The incidence rate amounted to 5.5 (number of accidents per 1,000 employees), and the total recordable rate (number of accidents per one million work hours) was 3.19. In 2007, there were 26 work-related accidents, including one serious accident. The severity rate was 51.5, incidence rate – 5.4 and total recordable rate – 3.17.

The total recordable rate, calculated on the basis of the following formula:

TRR = Number of accidents x 1,000,000
Number of work hours

being the product of the number of accidents and the constant value of 1 million divided by the number of work hours at the Company in 2008, amounted to 3.19.

ORLEN Group 2019 Integrated Report