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CSR best practice

We are consistently implementing best practices in successive areas of our activity, believing that this is one of the most effective ways of achieving our goals. We create innovative solutions which are then implemented and applied at the Company, where they are evaluated and, if necessary, adjusted in order to maximise the benefits.

The practices are also presented and subjected to external verification. It is worth mentioning that for a number of years now the practices applied by the Company have been presented in the report on corporate best practices published by the Responsible Business Forum.

The development, implementation and propagation of best practices makes a part of the process of creating corporate governance principles and reinforcing good corporate standards. Our set of best practices is constantly supplemented with new ones, created in line with the developments at the Company and in its environment.

This section presents examples of best practices applied by PKN ORLEN in recent years. We warmly invite you to get acquainted with them.