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Fair Trade

    PKN ORLEN is actively shaping new trends. At our Stop Cafe and Stop Cafe BISTRO, the customers are offered coffee which distinguishes itself not only by the excellent taste but also by the Fairtrade mark.
It means that our suppliers comply with the rules of fair trade, whose objectives include eliminating the exploitation of plantation owners. The customers can be sure that there was no child labour involved in the production process. In addition, we support the World Land Trust organisation, engaged in activities aimed at halting the destruction of South American rainforests.

The producer of our coffee also cooperates with the Belgian Corporate Funding Programme organisation, which carries out projects designed to fight poverty in developing countries. The initiative joins the efforts of many companies and non-governmental organizations.

Offering our coffee we encourage other companies to promote products with the Fairtrade mark and our customers to pay attention to the labels of the purchased products. And because it is equally important how we pack our shopping, at the end of 2009 we launched three kinds of fully biodegradable environmentally-friendly shopping bags at our service stations.

 We warmly invite you to visit Stop Cafe.  


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