Playing freestyle football is great for building your character and overcoming your barriers and weaknesses. It sometimes takes me weeks to get a single trick right.
I practise, take part in competitions or, as a judge, evaluate the performance of younger players.

Freestyle football is actually more like doing circus tricks than playing football. All I need is a ball and some free space to be in my element.

I’ve been practising for eleven years now and I am considered to be one of Poland’s top freestylers. Apparently, the sky’s the limit. I accept this challenge!


After working hours, I fully engage in helping those in need, especially children. I am totally dedicated to their everyday concerns and problems. This is a big responsibility, but knowing that I can be of use fills me with joy and satisfaction.

It is not always easy and not always everything goes as planned. The thing is to never give up and pass positive energy to others. I have lots of positive energy, and a strong belief that you can make a difference – all you need is readiness to do something and a little bit of good will.


My passion is antique motorcycles. I spend my free time in a garage repairing old motorcycles, making them almost brand new again. I know my bikes like the back of my hand.

I am a proud owner of a 1937 BMW – a beautiful and reliable motorcycle with a rich history!
I have twice won the championship title and on several occasions I have been the runner-up in the Old Timer Vehicles Championships organised by the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association. I got many people into historical vehicles. I run a blog, give advice, take part in rallies, fairs and exhibitions devoted to old vehicles.


My passion is paragliding. When I rise into
the air, I break away from everyday life.
I can admire Płock from a bird’s eye view and see the road I travel every day to work.

I enjoy seeing the world from a different angle – that’s why I’m on the lookout for new challenges and experiences. Also, I am fascinated by how paragliding works in terms of the laws of physics, aerodynamics, mechanics, and meteorology.

I have dreamt about flying ever since
I was a child. Today, I can make my dreams come true. What I love about paragliding is the sense of freedom it gives – borders vanish in the air.


After work? Always ready to take part in rescue and fire-fighting operations! I am a rescue firefighter, head of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Siecień and the supervisor of the Youth Firefighting Team. I work as a coach preparing youths for sports competitions and I conduct sports training sessions. I like helping those who need it.

Working as part of the Volunteer Fire Brigade entails not only serving or being involved, dedicated and committed. It can also give you a rush of adrenaline, which complements my passion. There’s very little room for making any mistakes. I’m glad I can do something useful.


I’ve been a true-blue fan of handball since I was eleven. I regularly go to see local handball team games and I used to be a scorekeeper for a couple of years.

I caught the handball bug from my dad, who himself on many occasions represented Poland as a member of the national weightlifting team, and who for 30 years worked in the Wisła Płock handball section.

Sport not only boosts my abilities and gives me a positive kick, but also makes everything easier.