C3 heavy fuel oil


C3 heavy fuel oil is a blend of hydrocarbons obtained through straight-run and secondary processing of crude oil. The maximum sulfur content in this fuel oil grade is 3% (m/m).

C3 heavy fuel oil satisfies internal quality standards observed at PKN ORLEN S.A., which comply with the Minister of Energy's Regulation of December 1st 2016 on quality requirements concerning sulfur content in oils and on the types of systems and conditions in which heavy fuel oils can be used (Dz.U. of December 14th 2016, item 2008).


C3 heavy fuel oil is burned in central heating boilers, steam generators and industrial furnaces, and is also used in industrial processes. 


Property Unit ​Specifications

​Lower limit Upper limit
Density at 15 oC kg/m3 890,0 -1) PN-EN ISO 12185
PN-EN ISO 3838
​Calorific value ​MJ/kg 39,7 ​- ​PN-C-04062
​Flash point oC ​62,0 ​- PN-EN ISO 2719
​Hydrogen sulfide content ​mg/kg ​- ​2,00 ​IP 570
Viscosity at 100 oC mm2/s - 55,00 PN-EN ISO 3104
Viscosity at 50 oC mm2/s ​- ​800,0 PN-EN ISO 3104
Fractional composition: ​PN-EN ISO 3405
Distillation recovered up to 350 oC ​%(V/V) - 29,0
​Pour point oC​​ ​ ​- ​40 ​PN-EN ISO 3016​
​Sulphur content %(m/m) ​- 3,00 ​PN-EN ISO 8754
PN-EN ISO 14596
Total contamination %(m/m) ​- ​0,50 ​PN-EN ISO 3735
​Total sediment content %(m/m) ​- -1) ​PN-ISO 10307-1
ASTM D 4870
​Total sediment content after aging %(m/m)​ ​- -1) ​PN-ISO 10307-2 Procedura A
Water content ​%(V/V) ​- ​1,0 PN-ISO 3733
PN-EN ISO 9029
Ash residue %(m/m)​ ​- ​​0,200 PN-EN ISO 6245
Vanadium content​ mg/kg ​- -1) PN-C-04029
PN-EN 13131
PN-EN ISO 14597
1) Not subject to standardisation, value provided in compliance certificates. 

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