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Results of the subscriptions in a voluntary tender offer to acquire shares in Unipetrol, a.s.

PKN ORLEN S.A. (“PKN ORLEN”, “Issuer”) hereby informs that the number of Unipetrol, a.s. (“Unipetrol”) shares that have been subscribed for the sale in response to the announcement of a voluntary tender offer (“Offer”) to acquire shares of Unipetrol by PKN ORLEN represents 31,05% of the Unipetrol share capital. Upon settlement of the purchase of that shares, the shareholding of PKN ORLEN in Unipetrol will exceed 90% of Unipetrol's share capital and 90% votes at the General Meeting of Unipetrol. The subscriptions within the Offer commenced on 28 December 2017 and lasted until 30 January 2018.

Information above pertains only to those shares of Unipetrol, which were covered by subscriptions verified as correctly placed. The number of Unipetrol shares to be finally purchased by PKN ORLEN may slightly differ from the number of shares that have been subscribed for sale and accepted as of today as some verification procedures are still in process.

On the date hereof, the Issuer owns 114 226 499 shares of the Unipetrol, constituting 62,99% of the Unipetrol's share capital and corresponding to 62,99% of votes at the General Meeting of Unipetrol.

The Issuer will continue the procedure of closing of the Offer with the aim to purchasing the subscribed shares. The Offer price per share of Unipetrol will amount to CZK 380. The settlement of the transactions executed under the Offer is scheduled to take place by 23 February 2018.

The Offer is realized with an intent of a potential delisting of Unipetrol's shares from trading at the Prague Stock Exchange (Burza cenných papírů Praha, a.s) and a potential squeeze out of the minority shareholders of Unipetrol.

See also: regulatory announcement no 160/2017 as of 12 December 2017.

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