First power in the grid
The gas turbine of PKN ORLEN's power project in Płock reached full speed and on September 26th 2017 nearly 400 MWe of electricity was first fed into the National Power Grid. That test and successful synchronisation with the transmission system operator's network marked another milestone for the unit. In the coming weeks, adjustment operation of the gas turbine will be performed and preparations for the start up of the steam turbine will be made, with the unit expected to reach its target capacity of approximately 600 MWe. 
The power project in Płock is part of the Company's strategy and an important element of Poland's energy security. Once completed, this largest CCGT power plant in Poland will add 600 MW of electricity to the national grid. Together with the 463 MWe unit completed in Włocławek in June this year, PKN ORLEN's total power generating capacity will reach approximately 7TWh, or around 4.5% of Poland's total capacity. The planned budget of the two projects is approximately PLN 3.2bn.
The CCGT unit in Płock will consume some 0.8 bcm of natural gas per year, which represents 4% of total gas consumption in Poland. With the project in commercial operation, the ORLEN Group will become Poland's largest gas consumer, with an annual consumption of 2.5 bcm. The Group has secured natural gas supplies until 2021 under a contract with PGNiG signed in September 2016.
The unit will use best available techniques (BAT) in environmental protection and the world's most advanced and efficient H-class gas turbine featuring high-temperature natural gas combustion and minimum emissions.
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