ORLEN starts construction work on its CCGT project in Wloclawek
18-04-2013  Investments; Strategy CSR, investments

PKN ORLEN has officially launched construction work on what will be the largest state-of-the-art CCGT plant in Poland. The new 470 MWe unit will generate heat and electricity simultaneously, using the co-generation technology. This highly efficient and environment-friendly generation method will be used e.g. by Anwil and PKN ORLEN. The foundation stone ceremony for the project was held today. The new CCGT plant is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2015.

The Włocławek-based project is PKN ORLEN's flagship endeavour in pursuit of the Company's strategy in the power segment. The key advantage of the project is the co-generation technology, which significantly enhances the efficiency of electricity and heat generation. The unit will meet Anwil's entire demand for electricity, and will also be the main source of process steam for the Włocławek facility. About a half of the Włocławek plant's total output of 470 MWe will be sold to external customers, and the plant will consume 0.6-0.7bn cubic metres of gas annually. The annual electricity output of the unit would be enough to meet the needs of a few hundred thousand Polish households, while its hourly gas consumption equals that of approximately 65,000 gas cookers.

Close proximity to the GAZ-SYSTEM network and the PSE OPERATOR power grid make for an advantageous location of the new plant in Włocławek. Close proximity to Anwil's facilities with their existing infrastructure has helped to optimise capital expenditure.

"We have decided to use a technology relying on natural gas, which is environmentally friendly and beneficial in terms of CO2 emissions. Also, since we are engaged in shale gas exploration, our choice was clear. The new plant in Włocławek is an important stepping stone in the planned development of our power segment, as one of the pillars of the Company's new strategy for the next five years," said Jacek Krawiec, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.
The heart of the Włocławek plant will be the so-called "Power Train", its most complex part comprising an approximately 330-tonne gas turbine, a 420-tonne generator and an over 350-tonne steam turbine.
The unit will be constructed by General Electric in consortium with SNC Lavalin. In order to ensure that the power train works efficiently, PKN ORLEN has entered into a long-term servicing agreement with General Electric. The value of the contracts is estimated at PLN 1.1bn (exclusive of VAT) and approximately PLN 200m, respectively. The overall costs of the project are estimated at approximately PLN 1.4bn.
The new plant could also provide business stability to locally based specialist servicing firms. In future the plant will undergo regular servicing and maintenance, allowing such local companies to keep optimum levels of personnel with specialist knowledge of the technologies used at the plant.
The number of staff required to man the new plant is estimated at over 30 persons. The staff recruitment process should be completed by the end of this year. The following two years will be devoted to training intended to prepare the new staff for work.

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