No. 41/2021  |  08-10-2021

Disclosure of delayed inside information regarding consent for realization of the investment „Bottom of Barrel” in AB ORLEN Lietuva Production Plant in Mazeikiu

PKN ORLEN S.A. (“Company”) discloses the following inside information, publication of which was delayed on 21 September 2021:


“PKN ORLEN (“Company”) informs that on 21 September 2021 the Company’s Management Board gave consent for conclusion with AB ORLEN Lietuva (“OLEN Lietuva”) an agreement (“Agreement”) on arrangements of directional method of financing of the investment – building of the “Bottom of Barrel” unit in the ORLEN Lietuva Production Plant in Mazeikiu (“Project”) and decided about consent of PKN ORLEN, as the sole ORLEN Lietuva shareholder, for realization of the Project by ORLEN Lietuva.


Total cost of the Project is estimated at ca. EUR 641 m. In case the Agreement is signed PKN ORLEN will declare to finance the Project to the amount of ca. EUR 633 m.


Realization of the above mentioned PKN ORLEN Management Board decisions requires approval of the Company’s Supervisory Board that PKN ORLEN Management Board will request for.”