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Iwona Waksmundzka-Olejniczak

Member of the Management Board for Strategy and Sustainable Development

Iwona Waksmundzka-Olejniczak has been a Member of the ORLEN S.A. Management Board since November 3rd 2022. She has many years’ experience in managing large teams and corporate structures, particularly in the oil and gas, energy and banking sectors. She has an in-depth knowledge of capital and financial markets, corporate governance, large project management, and corporate strategy development and implementation.

Since April 9th 2022, she has been Chairman of the Board of Management of PGNiG. Thanks to their efforts, PGNiG has signed a number of contracts with gas suppliers in the Norwegian continental shelf, including a long-term contract with Equinor for the purchase of 2. 4 billion cubic metres. Gas per year. She supervised the merger process between PGNiG and ORLEN, which led to completion according to the agreed timetable. The process was conducted with due regard for the interests of all stakeholders and in full dialogue with the company, resulting in the signing of an agreement between PGNiG, ORLEN and the trade unions in PGNiG confirming the rights of the company’s employees after the merger.

From July 16th 2021 to April 8th 2022 she served as President of the Management Board of ENERGA S.A., an ORLEN Group company. She supervised the entire Energa Group and its key strategic projects. She coordinated the implementation of the Energa Group’s new strategy, with a special focus on energy transition goals and integration with the ORLEN Group.

She has been associated with ORLEN since February 2018, first serving as Head of the Investor Relations Office and from February 2019 as Executive Director of Strategy, Innovation and Investor Relations responsible for the development and implementation of ORLEN’s strategy, decarbonisation strategy, hydrogen strategy and supervision of strategic projects across the Group. She was the author of the first private investor loyalty program “ORLEN w portfelu” on the Polish capital market.