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Robert Perkowski

Member of the Management Board for Upstream

Robert Perkowski has been a Member of the ORLEN S.A. Management Board since November 3rd 2022. Robert Perkowski conducted Ph.D. in Economics at the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Marketing and Management as well as the Faculty of Finance and Banking at the Independent University of Business and Public Administration in Warsaw. He also completed a post-graduate course in Management Analytics at ORGMASZ Institute of Industry Organisation and Management. His research articles concern subjects of virtual enterprises and digital technologies.

From March 18 2019, Vice President of the Management Board for Operations at PGNiG.Economist with managerial experience obtained from years of working in government institutions and state-owned enterprises. Between May 2019 and April 2020, he held the position of Member of Board of Directors at PGNiG Upstream Norway AS. In 2019 he was the Member of Supervisory Board at INOVA Centrum Innowacji Technicznych Sp. z o.o. In turn, in the years 2006-2018 he held the office of the Mayor of the City of Ząbki, and from 2017 he was the President of the Management Board of the Polish Self-Government Association. Previously, since 2002, he had been working at the Ministry of Justice, where he had handled financial plans for the Prison Service’ salaries and wages.

Mr Perkowski holds other functions such as: Chairman of Supervisory Board at Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza S.A., Member of Supervisory Board at EuRoPol GAZ S.A., Chief Executive Officer at Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry.