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Józef Węgrecki

Member of the Management Board

Józef Węgrecki has been a Member of the ORLEN S.A. Management Board since March 23rd 2018. From February 5th to March 23rd 2018, he was a Member of the Supervisory Board delegated to temporarily perform the duties of a Member of the ORLEN S.A. Management Board responsible for Investment and Procurement.

He is a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Faculty of Mining and Metallurgical Machines.

He holds qualifications to serve on the supervisory boards of companies in which the Polish State Treasury has interests.

In 1978–1990, Jóżef Węgrecki worked at Zakład Remontowy Energetyki Kraków, where he held the position of Member of the Management Board, Chief Technical Officer. In 1990–1993, he served at employee-owned company Remak Opole as its Vice President. From April 1993 to June 2017, he was President and Member of the Management Board of Remak-Krak Sp. z o.o. In 2017, Józef Węgrecki was appointed Vice President of the Management Board of Energa Wytwarzanie S.A., where his management responsibilities covered water and wind turbine operation, photovoltaic farms, cogeneration and coal-fired power plants, innovation, heating asset acquisitions and setting development directions.

On February 5th 2018, Józef Węgrecki was delegated to temporarily serve as Member of the ORLEN S.A. Management Board for Investment and Procurement, and then in April he was appointed Member of the Management Board, Chief Operating Officer.

He is interested in monitoring and analysing the latest technical solutions in the field of power generation: alternative energy sources and their potential industrial applications.

Józef Węgrecki has received a number of awards, including the Galicia Construction Grand Award for his contribution to the advancement of the construction industry, a Badge of Merit for exceptional services to the construction industry, a Gold Medal for long service, an Honoris Gratia badge for charity and community service, and a Medal of the 100th Anniversary of Poland Regaining Independence.