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Anna Wójcik

Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Anna Wójcik is a graduate of the Poznań School of Banking and Management and the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Law and Administration).

She also completed post-graduate studies at the WUT Business School (Faculty of Management), and was awarded the title of Master of Business Administration.

She is a manager with more than a decade’s experience in the private sector (real estate, retail, business consulting) and government administration.

Her recent positions included COO at Exeq sp. z o.o., whose field of expertise is in fund raising for corporate research, development and innovation. As part of her remit, she coordinated the work of the management board office and accounted for projects implemented within programmes financed with OP IE and NCRD funds.

Since 2016, her career has been in the government administration. She worked as Head of the Minister’s Office at the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Finance, while currently she is employed at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister as Head of the Prime Minister’s Office.