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We are looking for a tool that will improve the management of available trade and market information. The solution should automatically search and filter, according to established criteria, current market information obtained from sources relevant to PKN ORLEN, conduct screening of news publicly available on the Internet, and autonomously distribute the results of the review to the appropriate recipients within the organization.

We are keen to increase the involvement of managers in communication activities to strengthen the visibility of business projects and enhance the employer's image. The solution sought is to increase the volume of communications on LinkedIn and expand the reach of information and opinions published by employees. The solution's functions should allow for: generating post content, scheduling publications and obtaining analytical data.

The solution sought should provide the ability to report and analyze data on vehicle fleet utilization, mileage card billing. Generate an electronic mileage record card for a company vehicle.

In order to automate the inspection of rail tank cars, we are looking for a solution that autonomously recognizes markings and any information on them. It must be effective for tank cars in motion and regardless of weather conditions. Verification will be based on comparing the actual condition with an IT record including data such as identification number, revision data, weights, products, ADR/ GEVI and others.

We are looking for solutions to enable unmanned or remote verification of the signal quality of dispatching communications in TETRA, LTE, 5G standards, such as using a drone.

We are looking for solutions that enable remote inspection of infrastructure - both construction (including hydro facilities, wind farms, photovoltaic farms), as well as telecommunications (antenna) and power installations. The scope of the inspection should include, among other things, the quality of radio paths, compliance with standards, stability of structures, quality of protection, length of antenna paths or damage diagnostics.

The tool being sought should locate the sites of events that disrupt energy supply to consumers. It should be based on ICT data obtained from the grid (data from balancing meters, data from consumers and from smart meters) and operate in near real time.