In order to better coordinate pricing policies within ORLEN Group companies, we are looking for a common pricing tool for the Petrochemicals Trading Area. The aim of the project will be to improve the efficiency of pricing policy, increase the ability to exploit sales opportunities and build a secured database of prices and their components. The tool should facilitate the monitoring of market quotations, provide price and market forecasts (demand and sales balances), and update information on pricing components (logistics, commission, packaging, financial costs) and input and production costs. We are also keen on the collection of historical data and a dynamic reporting module (e.g. in the form of dashboards). An asset will be the ability to generate pricing recommendations based on the above information. Ultimately, the software should be integrated with Petro's CRM system.

In order to strengthen ORLEN Group's image on the global market and support the implementation of our strategy for growth on foreign markets, we are looking for tools that will increase the effectiveness of establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners from other cultural zones. We expect to provide our project teams with knowledge and practical guidance that will increase the effectiveness of their daily work with partners on foreign markets and address the challenges of cultural and language barriers.