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We are looking for solutions based on distributed technologies to provide our customers with information about the sources of generation of the energy used.

We want to engage employees to strengthen the company's image by increasing communication of projects and issues important for the development of the company in the business environment on social media (including Linkedin) from the point of view of employees. The solution sought should help animate, moderate and monitor content published by employees related to PKN ORLEN's activities, as well as motivate users to actively share with their network information relevant to the company's image.

It is looking for entities with developed competences in Big Data analytics, building predictive-optimisation models and data visualisation in order to create a modern platform for supporting marketing and sales processes. The aim of the project is to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and volume in sales based on advanced analysis of a wide range of sales, consumer, media and other marketing-mix and consumer path data.

A solution to identify leaks in the district heating network, using own and external data, with autonomous support for technical teams.

We are looking for a solution to audit the lighting infrastructure in real time, in particular road lighting. Our aim is to improve safety and compliance with legal standards.

The tool to be developed should locate undesirable events that disrupt the energy supply to customers. It should be based on information and communication data from the grid (data from balancing meters, data from customers and from smart meters) and operate in near real time.

A solution allowing for an increase in the effectiveness of the grid connection process based on data on existing customers, metering data, etc. The expected tool should ensure a significant shortening of the connection procedure time based on the available information. It should have an intuitive client interface, which will allow obtaining data on the location of the plot, types of needs, etc.

The solution sought should enable reporting and analysis of data on vehicle fleet usage, mileage card billing, including the use of RFID cards. It should operate in near real time.

We are looking for solutions that will allow technical teams to quickly and efficiently recover from overhead line damage caused by high winds. As part of the challenge, we are looking for both innovative, portable infrastructure components that can be deployed in an emergency mode, as well as process automation and analytical or recommendation tools to increase the speed of restoring power supply to customers.

We are looking for solutions to track and supervise logistics streams, both in terms of order execution by the company's subcontractors and in terms of deliveries to logistics centres and/or customers. The tool should provide the possibility of reporting adverse events, deviations from delivery schedules.