We are looking for innovative tools that will enable us to extend the scope of services provided in the processing of seismic data in works covering exploration of natural resources, monitoring of underground reservoirs (e.g. for the purposes of storing natural gas or CO2) and seismic campaigns related to renewable energy sources. Examples include software for Full Waveform Inversion or software that generates a 3D elastic wave field with a given medium model.

In order to identify sources of candidates on an ongoing basis, we are looking for a platform that would integrate data from Google Analytics, Facebook (ORLEN Kariera account), Linkedin (PKN ORLEN account), recruitment portals (including career offices) on which job advertisements are published with data from ATS (only in terms of the number of applications).

We are looking for a smart solution to replace traditional access cards to company buildings and premises. The proposed solution could be based on the use of smartphones.

We are looking for solutions to enable unattended or remote verification of the signal quality of dispatching communications in TETRA, LTE, 5G standards, e.g. using a drone.

We are looking for solutions to enable remote inspection of existing infrastructure - both building infrastructure (including hydrotechnical facilities, wind farms, photovoltaic farms), as well as telecommunications (antenna) and energy installations. The scope of the inspection should include e.g. the quality of radio routes, compliance with standards, stability of structures, quality of protection, length of antenna paths or damage diagnostics.

We are looking for a tool to help make purchasing decisions in the wholesale electricity market. The solution should provide price forecasts in the short, medium and long term.

In response to the RED II directive, we are looking for a partner to build a platform for direct trade between a generator and a consumer of electricity (Peer-to-Peer). Within the platform, Energa Obrót SA would act as an aggregator/concentrator. Due to the nature of the project, solutions based on blockchain technology are of particular interest.

We are looking for a partner capable of designing and implementing reactive power compensation systems for LED lighting. The solution should be low-cost and compact enough to be placed in lighting control cabinets.

In order to streamline the grid connection application process for our customers, we are looking for a tool to automatically generate maps and files indicating the location of the connection and other necessary data (including satellite image, land development, zoning plan, etc.).

The solution sought should provide the ability to report and analyze data on vehicle fleet utilization, mileage card billing. Generate an electronic mileage record card for a company vehicle.