Development of a platform using artificial intelligence and data analysis to identify potential customers and generate leads. The tool should scan internet resources and internal databases (CRM) of ORLEN Group companies in search of data about companies and individuals who may be interested in the profiled offer.

We are seeking solutions that will effectively allow us to manage tasks such as ticket distribution within the organization, measure employee engagement in supporting sports events, animate activities related to sports and fandom, and gamification, as well as tools for assessing the effectiveness of the actions taken.

We are looking for a solution that will streamline the process of completing documents submitted by clients/partners, which contain various questions regarding, among others, management systems at ORLEN, topics related to sustainable development, and carbon footprint. The questionnaires can come in different formats (Word, Excel, PDF, or online forms). The system should provide answers based on a database of similar questions, relying on information contained in similar client questionnaires from the past.

We are in search of professional tools that will facilitate the process of creating creative marketing campaigns and the creation of engaging marketing content on social media, including texts, scripts, presentations, graphics, and audio and video materials. The ability to easily optimize content for SEO and advanced processing of product photos will be crucial. We are equally interested in the ability to quickly test multiple content variants and the engagement they generate among audiences.