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Green transformation and environmental protection


The tool sought should be able to monitor the micro PV grid, report on the status of grid operation and record events and disturbances. It should take into account the widest possible range of variables, as well as the results of the above-mentioned events.

The solution sought should provide comprehensive support for photovoltaic panels, energy storage and home electric vehicle charging stations. Through an intuitive interface, it should allow the creation of customised energy management plans, also referring to energy pricing and trading opportunities.

We are looking for solutions to maximise value creation from biomass, including carbonisation and the use of combustion waste (slag and ash). The solutions sought should realise the objectives of green energy and a closed loop economy.

Identification of the type of damage on wind turbine blades and external components, including nacelle or tower casing. The solution should distinguish between deep and surface damage.

Analysis and identification of failures of rotating parts inside the nacelle on wind turbines. Provision (if possible) of additional functions for complex support of maintenance work (communication with technical team, reporting of damage type).

We are looking for solutions to reduce the carbon footprint along the entire production process and to capture, store and reuse CO2.

We are seeking solutions for the use of low-temperature heat in production processes with a view to improving technology and production efficiency.