We are looking for an electronic system to support the control of equipment of vehicles transporting dangerous goods by road and rail, including the possibility of active management of information on the technical condition of the vehicle fleet. An additional value of the system will be the application of solutions increasing the safety of operations with dangerous goods.

We are looking for a solution to enhance the safety of transmission pipelines. Above all, we are keen to detect external interference and unauthorised work in the vicinity of the pipelines and to detect leaks and pipeline disturbances, with an emphasis on the use of fibre-optic technology.

We are looking for solutions whose implementation will allow us to improve the security of petroleum products in rail and road transport. We are committed to both reducing the risk of external interference and theft and minimising environmental risk.

We are looking for a system and sensors to monitor the position of valves on pipelines that do not have an end stop and electric actuators for remote control. The device should unambiguously determine the position of the valve - closed/open/intermediate state. It should wirelessly transmit real-time information to a central Real-Time Database system (AVEVA/OSISoft PI). It must have independent power supply, ATEX certification and installation of the equipment must not require cutting, welding or drilling.

The solution sought should enable the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of failure-free movement of drive assemblies within a process line. The expected range of analysed parameters will include, at the very least, the measurement of vibration values (their speed and acceleration), rotational speed and temperature, as well as ensuring integration with internal systems for archiving measurement data and analysing machine operation functioning in PKN ORLEN's infrastructure. The sensors should have wireless power supply and communication and ATEX certificates, and be prepared for cooperation with internal systems operating in PKN ORLEN's infrastructure.

We are looking for solutions to help protect our infrastructure against the threat from UAV. A comprehensive anti-drone system should enable early detection, interception and, ultimately, destruction of intruder drones.