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We are looking for a tool for an efficient, low-cost and safe method of locating leaks in hydrogen and vacuum systems.

We are looking for a solution to remotely detect sources of methane leakage and quantify it in hard-to-reach gas infrastructure components (including fittings, flanged connections, instrumentation and automatics). The device from a distance of min. 10 metres should remotely detect methane leakage at levels of 10 g/l and less, and the required detection sensitivity is 500 ppm.

In order to increase the safety of our employees, we are looking for solutions to automate the handling of rail tank car manholes in the Automated Loading Station. We want to automate activities such as manhole closing and opening, sealing and inspection (e.g. cleanliness, incomplete emptying, condition of seals). We see particular potential in the use of explosion-proof robotic arms.

We are looking for solutions that will include the development of technology to measure and monitor the status of pollutants present in surface water and wastewater in real time. The technology should help determine the impact of ANWIL's fertilisers on water pollution and distinguish their effects from other sources of pollution that lead to eutrophication (e.g. climate change), among others. The challenge refers to planned legislation at both EU and national level (e.g. update of the Nitrates Directive).

The solution sought should enable the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of failure-free movement of drive assemblies within a process line. The expected range of analysed parameters will include, at the very least, the measurement of vibration values (their speed and acceleration), rotational speed and temperature, as well as ensuring integration with internal systems for archiving measurement data and analysing machine operation functioning in ORLEN's infrastructure. The sensors should have wireless power supply and communication and ATEX certificates, and be prepared for cooperation with internal systems operating in ORLEN's infrastructure.