We are looking for a solution to automate the preparation of hot dogs at fuel stations using roller grills. The solution should support employees in verifying the readiness of products for sale, including differentiating between various ingredients (flavor/size), tracking their position on the roller grill, and determining their readiness for sale or disposal. The solution must account for specific working conditions at fuel stations such as variable lighting, ambient temperature changes, and changes in ingredient parameters during thermal processing, without requiring physical marking of the products.

We are seeking an advanced POS system solution that will enable personalization of offers directly at fuel stations. The system should be capable of analyzing the contents of a customer's basket in real time, identifying the perfect product matches, and automatically offering additional discounts or promotions. The identification of the best matches will be based on analyzing data from previous customer buying behaviors, regional differences, and time factors, using artificial intelligence technology. We are looking for a system that integrates these features with the existing infrastructure, enhancing our competitiveness and sales volume.