ORLEN and PGNiG started gas production from Karmin deposit in Wielkopolska Region

Miłosław-5K/H exploratory well, drilled based on the license Kórnik-Środa (no. 32/96/p) for the exploration and appraisal of hydrocarbons is located in Winna Góra, in Środa Wielkopolska commune, średzki district, wielkopolskie voivodeship. The investment is carried out by PGNiG in cooperation with the PKN ORLEN’s upstream subsidary, FX Energy incorporated into the ORLEN Group by the end of 2015. Joint operations are performed with regard to the operator agreement. PGNiG owns 51% of shares and FX Energy remaining 49% of shares.

The purpose of the works is to explore natural gas reservoir in the sandstones (Permian Redstone formation) in Winna Góra and Miłosław. Seismic surveys proved that this region has the potential for gas reserves. Miłosaw-4K well, drilled in 2015, confirmed that hydrocarbon accumulations are found to the East of Miłosław. Gas reservoir in analogous structure is to be recognized by Miłosław-5K/H well.

Miłosław 5K/H well has been designed as a directional one allowing for access to a bigger area of potential reservoir. It is also possible that a horizontal section at a length of 400 – 500 m will be carried out from the same well, to intensify gas production. The total measured depth of the well is 4100 m. Drilling works are conducted by Exalo Driling S.A.

PGNiG and ORLEN Upstream currently carry out joint operations in Wielkopolska region for two projects: Sieraków and Płotki. With regard to the first project, subsidiaries of upstream segment in the capital groups of ORLEN and PGNiG run activities based on the licenses Międzychód-Gorzów Wlielkopolski and Wronki, and they carry out preparatory works for development of the discovered deposits. However, within Płotki region, that is considered to be one of the most perspective in Poland, actions are carried out based on 4 licenses: Jarocin-Grabina, Pyzdry, Śrem-Jarocin and Kórnik-Środa.