Downtime of CCGT unit in Włocławek prolonged at contractor’s request

​As notified by the consortium of General Electric and SNC-LAVALIN POLSKA, the contractor for the CCGT project in Włocławek, which is currently looking into causes of the unit’s stoppage, its downtime must be prolonged.

“Based on inspections carried out so far by the contractor and the estimated scope of repairs to be done, it is expected that the CCGT unit in Włocławek will only resume operation at the end of March 2019,” stated General Electric, a member of the consortium.
The contractor and PKN ORLEN have appointed dedicated teams to work closely together on identifying causes of the unplanned shutdown caused by the unit’s turbine set and preparing a schedule of works necessary for the unit to become fully operational again.
The repair works on the CCGT unit will be carried out under the contractual warranty. Accordingly, their cost will not have to be covered by PKN ORLEN. The next step will be to estimate benefits lost because of the shutdown.
The prolonged downtime is not affecting the production activity of ANWIL. In case of any CCGT outage, power may be supplied to the company directly from PSE Operator’s network. As for ANWIL’s steam requirements, the company has gas-fired steam generators, which it had used before the CCGT unit was commissioned and which it still relies on when the unit is out of service. Thus, supplies of process steam to ANWIL are secured.