PKN ORLEN is scouting out new mobile technologies

​PKN ORLEN is joining GovTech, a government-led initiative designed to support collaborative links between state-owned companies and the public administration, and SMEs operating in the IT sector. It has announced a competition to select a solution that would enable automated identification of vehicles refuelled using PKN ORLEN’s existing mobile application.

PKN ORLEN is seeking a technology that would facilitate and increase the security of mobile transactions made at service stations. Features to be given priority in the evaluation process include utility for the end user, as well as the solution’s universality and scalability.

“We have long been the industry leader in mobile solutions. We were the first company on the Polish market to have offered a mobile app allowing business customers to easily and transparently manage their fleet transactions. Another novelty was the mobile app we launched last year allowing individual consumers to pay for fuel directly at the pump. We are determined to keep innovating into mobile-based services knowing that this is what our customers expect. We are convinced that our participation in GovTech will help us further develop innovative technologies and enhance customer experience with our mobile apps,” said Patrycja Panasiuk, Head of the Innovation Office at PKN ORLEN.

Small and medium-sized enterprises from the IT sector which are interested in delivering the project will be invited to take part in consultations held as part of the first stage of the competition. The consultations will allow PKN ORLEN to identify the existing spectrum of technological options, describe in more detail the required solution, specify the contractor selection criteria and define the contract budget. Interested parties are requested to send in their applications along with a description of their business profiles and relevant experience to govtech@orlen.pl

The ‘Impact’ conference, to be held on May 22nd in Kraków, will provide an opportunity to meet with PKN ORLEN representatives. Details of the competition task will be discussed during open technical dialogues. The planned Q&A sessions and one-to-one meetings with PKN ORLEN representatives will also be a chance to present the potential bidders’ expectations and proposals.

Given the adopted formula and limited time for one-to-one meetings during the ‘Impact’ event, PKN ORLEN reserves the right to hold consultations only with selected entities