Jarosław Baran becomes the President of ORLEN China

​The position of the President of ORLEN China, a company from the ORLEN Group, is held by Jarosław Baran. He is a valued manager with many years of experience, gained mainly on the Asian market. ORLEN China's task is to sell the ORLEN Group products directly, and thus strengthen its position on the promising Chinese market and in neighboring countries.

Jarosław Baran has been living and working in the territory of the People's Republic of China for over 10 years. He is a graduate of Suzhou University (specialization: Chinese Culture, Chinese Language and Literature), Albertus Magnus College (MBA Leadership) and Central Connecticut State University (MBA, Economics). He is a specialist mainly in the field of market analyzes of economic activities in China and other Asian countries. He has extensive competences in the field of sales, management of production processes and financial management in China. He gained professional experience working, among others in management positions at Ryerson, ATLAS, UTC, Pratt and Whitney and Sikorsky Aircraft.

ORLEN China, established last year, has become a center of sales (including e-commerce), marketing, logistics and forwarding competences on the Chinese market. The company is registered in the city of Suzhou (Jiangsu Province) in the east of China. Currently, it operates mainly in Jiangsu Province and neighboring provinces. Jiangsu Province is inhabited by over 80 million people and is an important industrial center in China, with a developed machinery, electronics and automotive industries. The province also has 150 development zones and is a leader in their creation. These zones concentrate foreign direct investment, international trade and technological innovation.

ORLEN Group products have been offered in China since 2016. The first stage of ORLEN China operations covered the sale of engine oils, which so far had been distributed in China through external partners. According to the ORLEN Group's estimates, the change of the product sales model will allow to generate a much higher operating profit in the next three years than in the case of continuing the previous trading model.