About the company



ORLEN Group’s approach towards the environment is founded on the rules of corporate social responsibility and care for the nature. Sustainable development drives our actions, while the results of all of our activities affecting natural environment are reported to the respective entities. 

Our environmental goals have been addressed in Integrated Management System Policy in PKN ORLEN. Our operations are powered with conventional and renewable resources. All business activities are conducted responsibly, having regard to the ongoing consequences and future impact on climate issues. 

The existing standards and management systems that are aimed to reduce direct impact on the environment have evolved towards the strategies that pursue reduction of corporate impact on climate change and adjust business models to the impact of those tangible consequences on our assets. Climate change is a vital challenge to PKN ORLEN and the companies within ORLEN Group. Global energy transition, which we witness, brings significant chances of development for Central Europe. As the biggest enterprise in the region, PKN ORLEN strives to take even larger toll on this process.


Social goals worth the same as business goals in ORLEN Group’s market strategy. We find ourselves accountable for the communities we operate in, for this reason we feel obliged to maintain dialogue and support on various fields. We appreciate and endorse national heritage, science and sports. We are honoured, that our actions, benefit national reputation abroad. 

Our employees are provided with decent and fair working conditions. The internal and external corporate relations with our stakeholders are based on integrity and mutual respect in daily activities, as well as dialogue, co-operation and engagement of all respective groups in shaping organizational culture in accordance with Corporate Values and Code of Ethics. 

A genuine concern on health and safety of our employees and stakeholders is an essential part of our corporate culture and business activity. In practice, it means the implementation of all actions leading to prevent accidents, industrial breakdowns, fires and other unwanted events.

Corporate governance

PKN ORLEN, as a company listed on The Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), is obliged to follow the rules of corporate governance concluded in “Best practice for GPW listed companies” document. We care for appropriate communication with the investors and market analysts, as well as other members of capital markets by securing transparent communication policy. We provide convenient and fair access to published information.

Regulations on the activity of the Supervisory Board and its Committees, as well as PKN ORLEN’s Management Board, apart from universally binding laws, are listed in PKN ORLEN Charter, followed by Supervisory Board Regulation and Management Board Regulation. The supervisory and management boards, while exercising the powers, respect corporate governance regulations appointed by The Warsaw Stock Exchange.

ORLEN Group operates within the efficient systems of functional checks, risk management, compliance supervision, audits and internal control. Simultaneous actions of all the aforementioned entities enables ongoing and effective anti-corruption surveillance, illegal gratification and conflicts of interests.