Electric energy distirbution​

As a provider of the electricity distribution services, ORLEN is responsible for the distribution network traffic, operations, maintenance and upgrading, as well as for the network expansion under a license for transmission and distribution of electricity valid until December 31st 2025.  We conduct our activities based on the license awarded by Decision of the President of Energy Regulatory Authority No DEE/4-ZTO/554/W/OWA/2007/Tkł, of 01 October 2007.

By virtue of Decision of the President of the President of Energy Regulatory Authority No DPE-47-50(4)/554/2007/BT ORLEN, is the operator of the electricity distribution system within the area defined in the distribution license, excluding the distribution networks located therein, whose operation has been assigned to another electricity distribution operator or an operator of the combined electricity distribution system, appointed pursuant to the provisions of Art. 9h of the Power Industry Regulatory Act. 

Detailed conditions of operating the distribution network by the system users, as well as conditions for the network traffic, operation and development planning are provided for in the Instruction for Traffic and Operation of Distribution Network, a document developed under Art. 9g of the Power Industry Regulatory Act of April 10th 1997 (Dz. U. of 2006, No 89, item 625, as amended). Section "Balancing and Management of the System Limitations" was approved by the President of the President of Energy Regulatory Authority by way of Decision issued on August 22nd 2008, No DPK-7110-54(11)/2008/PK.

As required under the Instruction, ORLEN SA confirms that currently it is not a direct participant of the Balancing Market.

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