About the company

Grant Fund for Płock Foundation

The Grant Fund for Płock Foundation is Poland’s first initiative of this kind, bringing together the Płock Municipal Office, ORLEN and Basell ORLEN Polyolefins.

ORLEN is a founder and benefactor of what is Poland’s first such project built around a sectoral partnership, with company representatives actively participating in its activities as volunteers. The Foundation provides financial support to various local associations, clubs and foundations, aiding them in their efforts to improve the lives of Płock residents in all areas, from sports, through social welfare, to culture.

The Foundation’s activities focus on grant competitions for projects initiated by local residents, formal groups and non-governmental organisations, which are consistent with the Strategy for Sustainable Development of the City of Płock and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Grant Fund for Płock was recognised as one of the best CSR projects in Poland, delivering the greatest value for the Polish society over the past three decades.

For more information, see www.fundusz-grantowy.pl