About the company

The ‘Grow Up With Us’ Foundation

For more than 10 years, the ‘Grow Up With Us’ Foundation has provided assistance and support to children of soldiers, firefighters, police officers, mountain rescuers and other public service officers who died or were severely injured while on duty in Poland or during foreign missions.

Since March 2020, the Foundation has also provided assistance to the children of healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Foundation’s objective is to provide long-term support to such children throughout the period of their education, from an early age (from the time they become eligible to receive assistance from the Foundation) until they complete their education. Since its inception, the Foundation has taken care of 264 children and continues to reach out to new children in need.

The ‘Grow Up With Us’ Foundation can co-finance pre-school or school tuition, pay the internet bill, dormitory or boarding house expenses, extracurricular activities, travel and subsistence expenses during scholarships abroad, tutoring, courses, foreign language lessons, sports and artistic activities, and vocational courses. It also provides psychological support to the children under its care and to their families.

For more information, see www.dorastajznami.org

The ANWIL Foundation

The ANWIL Foundation supports the development of local communities in various forms, contributing to higher quality of life of its beneficiaries. Over the recent years, every second Włocławek resident has benefitted from the projects run by the Foundation.