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Siemens to build PKN ORLEN’s second CCGT unit

02-12-2014 | Press center

PKN ORLEN has signed a contract with a consortium of Siemens AG and Siemens Sp. z o.o. for the turnkey delivery of a CCGT unit in Płock and a comprehensive O&M contract for the unit’s key... more

PKN ORLEN to build CCGT plant in Plock

26-11-2014 | Press center

The project to construct a CCGT plant in Plock has been approved today by the PKN ORLEN Supervisory Board. The new unit, with a capacity of nearly 600 MWe, is expected to come on stream at the end of... more


Pilot TESCO Express at ORLEN petrol stations

28-10-2014 | Press center

PKN ORLEN and Tesco Poland are testing a new format of convenience stores at ORLEN petrol filling stations. First store of this kind, was opened in Warsaw on Bennett street. Habits of Polish customers... more

PKN ORLEN’s Q3 2014 Consolidated Financial Results

22-10-2014 | Press center

SOUND LIFO-BASED EBITDA ON THE BACK OF IMPROVED MACROECONOMIC CLIMATE AND HIGHER SALES In Q3 2014, PKN ORLEN generated LIFO-based EBITDA of PLN 2.1bn, supported by favourable macroeconomic... more

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