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For business

VERVA ON - premium


The VERVA line of the latest generation fuels has been formulated with the improvement of engine performance under various weather conditions and at variable loads in mind. The higher content of a washing agent helps maintain cleanliness of the fuel feed system and remove previously built-up sediments, formed by fuels of unknown origin.

VERVA Premium fuels are produced from carefully selected components whose quality is continuously monitored at each stage of the production process at PKN’s modern and technologically advanced refinery in Płock. 

The VERVA fuels meet the rigorous EU requirements set for the fuels in the so-called "sulphur-free" group, with the sulphur content below 10 mg/kg; the standards are to be in effect starting in 2009.

VERVA ON diesel fuel is particularly recommended for use in personal vehicles powered by modern diesel engines with pump-injection and common rail systems. 

The increased cetane number of the VERVA diesel fuel (55 against standard 51) improves the automobile's performance, as it facilitates engine start-up and lowers its operational temperature.

VERVA ON has a beneficial influence on the engine's lifetime, increasing the mechanical durability of its components (cylinders, pistons, rings and valves).

Upgrading additives used in VERVA ON:

  • Cleaning additives – ensure maintaining cleanliness of the fuel feed and injection systems, remove sediments previously formed by fuels of unknown origin. 
  • Anti-corrosion additives – protect the engine by reducing the corrosive properties of the air in the fuel feed, combustion and exhaust systems.
  • Antioxidants – prevent fuel degradation and ensure its high stability in storage.

There shall be no metallic additives based on manganese, including methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT)

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