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Global Compact

    In December 2003, we joined the Global Compact initiative, launched by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. We committed ourselves to respect, at that time nine and now already ten, principles related to human rights, labour,
environment, and anti-corruption. The website presents only a few of our initiatives which put into practice the Global Compact principles. Our participation in the initiative attests to the Company’s openness and transparency. It also constitutes a public commitment and a test of the principles we profess and their application. The most recent best practice presented by PKN ORLEN was information on the activities pursued by the Company as part of the Responsible Care programme.

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At present, the participants of the Global Compact programme include more than 2,000 companies from various parts of the world, international labour community, and non-governmental organisations.

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    Kamil Wyszkowski - Coordinator of the UN Global Compact Initiative in Poland*

It is 10 years since the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, announced the Global Contact initiative. How do you assess its impact on the development of corporate responsibility in Poland?

The purpose of the Global Contact initiative was to integrate the business environment around socially responsible activities and to develop global standards in the fi eld of CSR. And it worked. Within the framework of the UN, the largest global initiative was established by representatives of the private sector, who, despite competing with each other on the market, showed that they are prepared to cooperate for higher ideas, like protection of human rights or the natural environment. The phenomenon of the Global Compact initiative is that cooperation above divisions and differences has become a value which is worth fighting for and which makes social initiatives work, which would not be possible without large coalitions. In my opinion, the launch of the Global Compact initiative in Poland was one of the impulses which helped lay solid foundations for cooperation in the private sector and develop high standards of CSR policy implementation in enterprises. At the moment, the threshold is relatively high. The question of how many companies actually meet those standards remains open. The latest analysis by UNDP, “Baseline study on CSR practices in the new EU Member States and candidate countries”, clearly shows that many areas still require considerable improvements.

*quote form Corporate Responsibiliti Report 2008

ORLEN Group 2019 Integrated Report