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What we do

We have been with you for more than 60 years and we evolve alongside your needs

We accompany you on every journey

We operate the biggest network of fuel stations in Central Europe. You can come across our stations in Poland, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia and Lithuania. We provide top-quality fuels, expand the network of fast EV-chargers and develop hydrogen technologies. Whatever you need, can be found at our stations.

Every step you take

The contemporary world could not have existed without modern synthetics. Our petrochemical products can be applied in nearly all areas of daily life: from electronics, through packaging to textiles. We aim to expand their life cycle, so they could be more environmentally-friendly and meet emerging demands. Having in mind our common future, we invest in recycling technologies and modern biomaterials.

Towards clean energy

We create fair, sustainable future. Right now our hydro, onshore wind and solar plants deliver clean energy to millions of households and companies. Soon, our first offshore wind farm at the Baltic Sea will start operating.

We care for the world we live in

We aim to be a leader of fair and sustainable energy transition in Central Europe. We are aware that such goal can be achieved only in partnership with our stakeholders. For this reason, in each and every area of our activity, we are driven by keen concern and accountability for your employees, neighbours, clients, co-operators and suppliers. Our efforts have been recognized in longstanding, acclaimed Ethisphere Institute’s „The Most Ethical Company” and “Top Employer Polska” rankings.

We create one of the strongest enterprises in the region


7 refineries

in Poland, Czechia and Lithuania


>30 million tonnes

of crude oil annual throughput


0,3 million tonnes

of biofuel products



petrochemical products marketed
to over 60 countries



share of specialty products

in the portfolio

Power generation

5,1 GW

Installed capacity, including

0,8 GW in RES and 1,7 GW

in gas-fired sources


200k km

of power lines


∼3500 fuel stations across 7 markets


∼2600 non-fuel

format points


Over 15 million

customers of fuel stations in the region


3 million

electricity consumers


1278m boe

of 2P reserves in Canada, Poland, Norway and Lithuania


>154k boe/d

of average hydrocarbon production

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