Fundacja ORLEN

Fundacja ORLEN (ORLEN Foundation) has been fulfilling corporate social responsibility mission since 2001. We support local communities, organise projects for talented youth, and care for the health and safety of our employees and beneficiaries. Every year, our volunteers carry out hundreds of actions to support those with the most urgent needs.

Always near you

Strong partnership with our environment is a crucial part of our mission. ORLEN aims to be a good neighbour for the local communities. That is why we support local groups with grant programs, including “My Place on Earth”, “Health for Płock”, “We Keep Vigil and Remember!” and employee volunteer services.

Foremost, we care for health and safety. The “ORLEN for Firefighters” program has a special place in our charity activity. Each year, we support the purchase of equipment for both professional and volunteer fire brigade units within the framework of this program.

We assist the best students’ education

The scholarship programs funded by Fundacja ORLEN, including BONA FIDE, support gifted and pro-active youth and enable students to study at the best world-class universities. Additionally, students from Płock and neighbouring municipalities can apply for a special Fundacja ORLEN grant program.

We support Family Children’s Houses

Since its establishing Fundacja ORLEN has been taking care of Family Children’s Houses, which are unique facilities where disadvantaged children can find warmth and solace. Our support is fully comprehensive, including donations for medical treatments and physiotherapy, basic needs coverage, school catering or school starter kits.

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