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Charity policy

The charity policy of ORLEN is an important element of the corporate social responsibility - we strive to fulfil our role as a responsible entrepreneur and employer, a member of the community and a good neighbour in the best way possible. We declare transparency towards the world around us, sensitivity to people's needs and willingness to help.

We would like our charity activities to respond to the needs of local communities and bring about real change in the lives of the people they are targeted at. Moreover, we would like their reach to be as large as possible, and that charity actions reach places where help is necessary.

Charitable activities are one of the forms of assistance provided by ORLEN. Another very important contributions are the volunteer campaigns carried out by our employees, the support in the form of sponsorship of initiatives related to sports, both professional and amateur, the development of culture and preservation of cultural heritage, and protection of the environment.

The direction of ORLEN's charitable activities is defined by four priorities and the areas identified therein:


  • Support for initiatives related to the rational development of the environment and management of environmental resources in accordance with the principle of sustainable development,
  • Support for anti-pollution initiatives,
  • Support for initiatives related to the maintenance and restoration of natural elements to their proper condition,
  • Support for initiatives implementing the ideas of a circular economy;


  • Support for family foster homes and young people leaving foster homes,
  • Support for socially vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities,
  • Support for initiatives aimed at repatriates and their families;
  • Support for initiatives of local communities and local partners;


  • Support for professional and voluntary rescue services,
  • Support for entities acting for road safety,
  • Support for medical institutions and facilities,
  • Support for initiatives promoting a healthy and active lifestyle;


  • Support for initiatives for the development of sport,
  • Support for initiatives related to education and science,
  • Support for young talents,
  • Support for initiatives for the protection and renovation of monuments,
  • Support for initiatives promoting the culture and history of Poland.

Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN makes donations directly or through Fundacja ORLEN (ORLEN Foundation).

All received requests for support are thoroughly analyzed and assessed in accordance with the priorities of the charity activity and implemented programs.

ORLEN only considers applications for donation to:

a) entities of the public finance sector;

b) non-governmental entities within the meaning of the Act of 24 April 2003 on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 450, as amended);

c) juridical persons and organizational entities operating on the basis of the provisions on the relationship of the State to the Catholic Church in the Republic of Poland, on the relationship of the State to other churches and religious associations, and on the guarantees of freedom of conscience and religion.

d) associations of local government units.

Applications from these units, after preliminary analysis, may also be submitted to the Fundacja ORLEN.

ORLEN will not consider applications submitted by trade unions, employers' organizations, regulatory colleges, sports clubs being commercial law companies as well as political parties and foundations or associations created by them.

Applications of the individuals, including employees of the ORLEN Capital Group who are in a difficult life / emergency situation, for a donation are considered by Fundacja ORLEN. Such applications, if they are sent to ORLEN, will be submitted for consideration by the Foundation.

A prerequisite for deciding on the donation for the entity referred to in point 3, is to apply to ORLEN in writing or in electronic form. Applications submitted to the Fundacja ORLEN should be submitted electronically via the form available on the Foundation's website. Each application submitted to ORLEN. should contain information about the applicant and the purpose of the donation.

During the consideration of the application, ORLEN may request the applicant to provide additional documents or explanations, e.g. specifying the structure of a given entity (e.g. statute) along with confirmation of business activity, activity reports for the previous year, etc.

ORLEN supports in particular:

a) initiatives within the framework of defined priorities and programs implemented;

b) entities that managed to collect at least 15% of funds for the proposed purpose.

ORLEN does not make donations to entities that:

a) did not provide all the necessary documents or did not provide the requested explanations - after a request for supplementing or providing them had been made;

b) submitted documents raising objections as to their authenticity or accuracy, which applicants were unable to eliminate;

c) failed to settle or partially settled the donation received in the last 5 (five) years, despite an additional request for settlement, in connection with the submitted request for another donation;

d) misused the donation during the last 5 (five) years or refused to submit to the inspection of the compliance of the donation disbursement with the purpose specified in the agreement referred to in the donation agreement.

In justified situations, the cases described above may be considered individually.

All obligations of the recipient due to the donation provided by ORLEN are each time specified in the donation agreement.

The donation may only be used for the purpose stated in the contract. It is allowed to use some of the funds to cover the so-called administrative costs necessary to achieve the goal.

ORLEN has the right, at every stage of the project implementation, to control its course, including the compliance of the spending of funds with the purpose specified in the donation agreement.

ORLEN also has the right to control the use of the donation subject or request written information in this regard, within 3 (three) years from the date of presenting the donation settlement by the recipient.

The recipient, who is not or will not be able to implement a project financed / co-financed by ORLEN, is obliged to immediately notify ORLEN about it, and return the entire amount received together with statutory interest for delay related to the storage of funds constituting the donation, for donor's bank account.

In the event that the donation is used in a manner inconsistent with its purpose or the recipient refuses to submit to the control of compliance of the donation spending with the purpose specified in the contract, ORLEN may request the return of the donation. The return should be made immediately after receiving the request to do so.

The recipient is obliged to settle the donation on the terms and within the time frame specified in the donation agreement.

Financial documents and other materials confirming the use of the donation should be prepared reliably and cannot raise any doubts in terms of content and form. All copies of documents, unless it is possible to send their originals, must be confirmed as true copies of the original by an authorized person representing the recipient.

Each accounting document, constituting an attachment to the settlement, should contain the following information: financed / co-financed by ORLEN funds in accordance with the donation agreement (it is necessary to provide the donation agreement number, date of its conclusion and the donation amount used).

The recipient is required to keep documentation regarding the donation received for a period of at least 5 (five) years or longer, if required by generally applicable law.

The recipient is obliged to provide documentation regarding the donation, at each request of ORLEN.

Any changes to the use of the donation or the method of settlement of the contract require the prior written (otherwise null and void) consent of ORLEN.