About us

Our vision

Powering the future. Sustainably

We aim to create new solutions in the fields of power generation and mobility, based on advanced and sustainable technologies. They are the key to the achievement of our long-term goal – reaching emission neutrality by 2050.

Responsible transformation

ORLEN Group’s transition path is determined by renewable energy and modern petrochemicals. The key pillars of our strategic development are complemented by the new approach to retail sales, which will enable us to meet a variety of customer needs comprehensively. The search for innovative solutions in the areas of new mobility, hydrogen energy and recycling is our response to the long-term trends.

The future starts now

We are fully aware that the future starts now. For this reason the maximization of profits and reconstruction of current activity drive the development of new business areas. We consider it crucial to increase efficiency and develop sustainability of our core business segments, including more environmentally-friendly biofuels and biocomponents.

We believe that gas energy is a valuable bridge to the energy transition in our region. For this reason, we are currently reconstructing our upstream assets portfolio and keep investing in power generation infrastructure. In addition, we are dynamically developing our retail network across Central Europe.

New energy

The global shift in approach to the use of natural resources redefines the challenges which our business faces. We believe that strong, integrated, multi-utility companies will be able to respond to them. They are the ones to create new, efficient and sustainable technologies, and the ones to become partners in a process of a profound socio-economic transition.

We've completed an acquisition of two leading Polish energy companies, LOTOS Group and PGNiG. The finalization of these acquisitions allowed us to become a regional leader shaping an entirely new appearance of the Central European economy.


By implementing the objectives of ORLEN2030 strategy, the company will become a leading multi-utility market player with a strong assets portfolio.


Crude oil processing capacity
ORLEN2022 ≈42m tonnes/year
ORLEN2030 ≈42m tonnes/year
Biofuel production
ORLEN2022 ≈0,3m tonnes
ORLEN2030 >3m tonnes


Share of speciality petrochemical products in the portfolio
ORLEN2022 ≈16%
ORLEN2030 ≈25%
Installed recycling capacity
ORLEN2030 ≈0,3-0,4m tonnes


Installed RES capacity, including wind and solar
ORLEN2022 0,7 GW
ORLEN2030 >9 GW
Installed gas-fired capacity
ORLEN2022 1,7 GW
ORLEN2030 ≈4 GW


Number of fuel stations in Central European markets
ORLEN2022 >3 100
ORLEN2030 >3 500
Number of fast charging points for electric vehicles
ORLEN2022 ≈600
ORLEN2030 >10 000


Volume of gas extraction

ORLEN2022 ≈8 mld m3
ORLEN2030 >12 mld m3

LNG supplies to Poland

ORLEN2022 5,8 mld m3
ORLEN2030 ≈15 mld m3 

Who do we aim to be in 2030?


Responsibility. Development. People. Energy. Reliability. ORLEN

Sustainable development is an integral part of the ORLEN2030 strategy and  will contribute to the further improvement of our ratings. We want to minimize our impact on the environment, but also support local communities and manufacturers and take care of the safety of our employees.