Internship programs

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Would you like to gain some work experience? Are you determined to develop your skills and competences? Try your hand at ORLEN’s apprenticeship or internship programs, with one of the best employers in Poland. Plan your future now!

We are put providing our interns with challenges and new skills development first, by engaging them in ongoing projects and tasks. You can participate at group apprenticeship in Płock and Warszawa, while the internships are offered in Płock, Warszawa, Włocławek, Gdańsk, Trzebinia and Jedlicze, among many others. Furthermore, in collaboration with academia, we conduct an educational program of workshops - Knowledge day with ORLEN. Each to one’s own!


There is no better place to start your career than a large, stable company that offers numerous opportunities to expand and test your knowledge in practice.


The internship at ORLEN is full of interesting tasks that you can carry out under ongoing professional guidance of your tutor.


Do you want your work to matter? As an intern, from day one, you will receive tasks in which you can prove yourself.


Learn from the best. A work with our experts provides access to an invaluable source of knowledge, from which our interns draw inspiration for their continuous development. 

I considered working at ORLEN when I enrolled to the university, due to the stability of employment, nice working conditions, high standards and the possibility of personal and professional development.

Piotr Witkowski Intern at the Water and Sewage Management Office

Meet our interns

Find out what participants think about internship programs implemented at ORLEN. Learn more about learning and development in our Group.




I think there are two core aspects to achieving success: learning from the enthusiasts, and providing modern work conditions. I consider ORLEN Group to be an ideal place for people who absorb knowledge during their studies and want to develop in their learned profession.


Chemical purchase


New challenges and new tasks await me every day. There is always something going on here! I have the opportunity to work in an international environment. The atmosphere in the team encourages you to work. You can't get bored here.




At ORLEN, I can see in practice what implementing a large-scale strategic project looks like, and with the help of a mentor, I can enter the world of engineering and learn numerous new things.


Environmental Protection


I chose ORLEN because I am interested in environmental protection. Thanks to this company, I will gain valuable experience and skills that will allow me to start my future professional career in the best possible way. After the first month of my internship, I knew it was a good choice.

Internship programs

Group apprenticeship

Looking for an apprenticeship? You are at the right place!

Our group apprenticeships are offered to school and college students in collaboration with academia. They are conducted in Warszawa and Płock on the premises of our petrochemical and refinery plants, a combined heat and power plant and non-production facilities. If you are interested in a group apprenticeship at ORLEN, contact an apprenticeship coordinator at your school or college and ask if they have a respective agreement with ORLEN.


Knowledge Day with ORLEN

"Knowledge Day with ORLEN" is an educational project in which, through a series of workshops and lectures, we present the practical application of theoretical knowledge acquired at school and at university. It is an opportunity to learn about solutions, functioning market practices and innovation.