Renewable energy sources

Key element of the Energy transition

The ORLEN Group 2030 Strategy identifies renewable energy as a key growth area. Our renewable energy generation capacities are expected to reach more than 9 GW in 2030 (2028: >0,8 GW), driven mainly by rapid development of offshore and onshore wind and solar PV assets.

Our plans to build low and zero carbon power generation capacities rely on the most efficient technologies available today that will enable us to modernise our Energy business segment.

Currently our most important project is the construction of a 1,200 MW offshore wind farm. Offshore wind farms are a key development direction for the ORLEN Group and the whole Polish economy. Although offshore wind is a new business within the ORLEN Group, Baltic Power is the fastest-developing project in the Polish Baltic Sea. As the project is about to enter its final pre-construction phase, we are in the process of contracting key components for it. We want to use the supply chain planning experience gained through this project to build similar ones in the future.

We also plan to engage in further onshore wind and solar PV projects to expand our portfolio of wind and solar assets in Poland as well as on foreign markets. 


Baltic Power

As soon as 2024, we are starting a project to build an offshore wind farm with a capacity of up to 1.2 GW, to ultimately supply clean electricity to as many as one million households in Poland.


Energa Green Development

The company focuses on delivering a complete renewable energy project development process, from land acquisition, through design, to commercial operation.