Hydrogen as a key to the energy transition 

Hydrogen is a key element of decarbonisation. Given its energy potential and low carbon footprint, it is growing in popularity around the world. In response to challenges of the energy transition, the ORLEN Group has developed a hydrogen strategy until 2030 that is aligned with its business strategy ORLEN2030. The document sets out goals for the Group until the end of the decade and long-term ambitions across four key areas: mobility, refining and petrochemicals, research and development, and industry and energy.

ORLEN Group hydrogen strategy 2030

Hydrogen market in Poland and the Baltics. Until 2040

Renewable and low-emission hydrogen is a gateway for decarbonisation and the achievement of net zero for hard to abate industries, including: refining, chemicals, steel and heavy transport.

Dynamic growth in the demand for RFNBO hydrogen (renewable fuels of non biological origins) in the 2030 and 2035 horizon will be primarly led by chemicals and fertilizers industries, as well as transport due to ambitious targets set by Renewable Energy Directive (RED III).

ORLEN S.A. together with S&P Global created a report focusing on the potential of RES (renewable energy sources) and the role of the Baltic Sea in renewable hydrogen production in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, since those states are considerable consumers of fossil-based hydrogen.

Hydrogen market in Poland and the Baltics until 2040 presents estimates for the uptake of hydrogen in different sectors of the economy and delves into the challenges connected to the achievement of RED III targets. The report also analyses the possible sources for the import of RFNBO hydrogen and the benefits arising from the development of hydrogen ecosystem for Poland and the Baltic States.

Sustainable development

The potential of hydrogen

Hydrogen can be used as a feedstock, fuel, energy carrier and energy storage medium. Being versatile and having a low to zero carbon intensity, it can prove a key enabler of the energy transition. 

Sustainable development

Our aspirations

We strive to use hydrogen technologies cost effectively to drive our energy transition. Our hydrogen strategy outlines four key areas for the advancement of these technologies. 

Sustainable development


The 2030 hydrogen strategy defines the investments that will allow us to become the leader of the hydrogen market in Central Europe.