Sustainable mobility

The ORLEN Group will pursue comprehensive development of its production and distribution infrastructure and will promote growth of the e-mobility, hydrogen and alternative fuels market.

We want to implement an ambitious international strategy for the development of e-mobility, the aim of which is to become the leader in e-mobility in Poland and the Czech Republic by 2030 and to take a strong position in Germany and selective actions in other countries. We will implement our strategy by building 10,000 charging points by 2030.

Our charging points will contribute to building an international network of multiple-point EV charging hubs along TEN-T routes in Poland and the neighbouring countries. As a multi-energy group, we seek to harness renewable and low-carbon electricity for e-mobility projects as well, and we are poised to reinforce our product mix and consumer support through dedicated apps and services.

We support decarbonisation of transport through hydrogen, a fuel that can be particularly useful in urban, long-distance and rail transport applications. With its hydrogen strategy, the ORLEN Group plans to be at the forefront of hydrogen mobility in Central Europe in 2030, producing 19 thousand tonnes of automotive-grade hydrogen. Hydrogen will become more accessible as the hydrogen refuelling network is expanded to 100 service stations in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Boosted with resources of the PGNiG Group, the ORLEN Group is also seeking to expand its foothold in the market of other alternative fuels used in transport, CNG and LNG, and is conducting research and development work in the field of synthetic fuels.

For business


The ORLEN Group is investing in electric mobility by developing networks and building infrastructure for external customers and public EV charging stations in Poland.



Hydrogen is a key element of decarbonisation. Given its energy potential and low carbon footprint, it is growing in popularity around the world. In response to challenges of the energy transition, the ORLEN Group has developed a hydrogen strategy until 2030 that is aligned with its business strategy ORLEN2030.