Operating since 2014, the ANWIL Foundation is dedicated to implementing impactful projects in education, social and economic inclusion, environmental improvement, preservation of historical heritage, and health promotion. The Foundation has the status of a public benefit organisation.

With the region in mind

The ANWIL Foundation actively supports the development of the local community at many levels, striving to enhance the overall quality of life for residents of Włocławek and the surrounding areas. Over the recent years, every second resident of the city has benefited from the projects run by the Foundation.

The ANWIL Foundation conducts grant competitions for local NGOs, working across various fronts to address vital needs of the local residents. So far, funding has been directed to projects supporting various initiatives, including resident education, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, advocacy for physical education, environmental protection, and efforts related to the safeguarding of historical heritage.

Starting from 2022, organisations and informal groups from across Włocławek County are also eligible to seek support from the ANWIL Foundation. This expansion extends our reach to 344 additional localities, effectively addressing the needs of an additional 87 thousand residents.

With children and young people in mind

In recognition of outstanding school achievements and the social or artistic involvement of young citizens in Włocławek, the ANWIL Foundation grants scholarships to primary and secondary school students. The Foundation also runs Learning with ANWIL grant competitions, providing funding to winners for the implementation of innovative educational ideas in science. Additionally, the Foundation backs projects that offer engaging summer activities for young people and children who stay in town during holidays.

Always attuned to community needs

The Building Bridges project that brings communities together to combat exclusion, the We Feel Green programme focused on continuous environmental improvement and fostering environmental awareness among residents, and the Be Healthy initiative that promotes well-being at all ages – these are just three examples of the numerous programmes championed by the Foundation. The Foundation supports individuals and organisations eager to make a positive impact on their local community. Through its support of diverse projects, the Foundation actively shapes the future of Włocławek and Włocławek County, leaving primarily a positive impact on its residents.

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