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Management systems

When devising the ORLEN S.A.’s strategy, we defined our goal in the area of product quality as meeting Customers’ needs and expectations. Our objective and ambition is to maintain the position of quality leader on the Polish and international markets. We place particular focus on reinforcing the Customers’ confidence in ORLEN S.A. as a company which guarantees the highest quality, environmentally-friendly products and processes as well as timely deliveries of the products produced and sold by us.

Being aware of ORLEN S.A.’s ecological footprint, we declare our intention to consistently align our planning methods and business processes with the principles of sustainable development through an integrated approach to pollution control and environmental protection.

In line with the applicable provisions of law and in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety Policy, we are committed to protecting the life and health of our employees, which we ensure by providing them with safe and hygienic conditions at work.

The above objectives and activities are implemented on the basis of the Management Systems that are in place at the Company, covering the following areas: Quality, including the quality assurance system for products supplied to the Army and NATO, the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Food Safety, ISCC System, Factory Production Control and Information Security. The systems conform to the highest international standards of management and are applied at the Company on a daily basis in order to ensure professional customer service and the highest levels of health and environmental protection.

At present, each of the systems referred to above has an individual certificate. However, work commenced on integrating them and obtaining a collective certificate, which comes as yet another stage of development and enhancement of our Management Systems.