About us

Fuelling the future. Sustainably.

ORLEN is an integrated, multi-utility corporation primarily active in Central Europe. We supply energy and fuel to over 100 million Europeans, and our advanced products are sold in over 100 countries across six continents.

We are involved in the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry, as well as in power generation and distribution. Central to ORLEN’s mission is the commitment to lead the regional energy transition. The company is dedicated to adopting innovative, clean, and sustainable technologies, focusing particularly on low- and zero-emission power generation. This forward-thinking approach is part of ORLEN's strategic goal to achieve emission neutrality by the year 2050.

We plan to invest over USD 80 billion in strategic projects by the end of 2030, with approximately 40% dedicated to green investments. These include offshore and onshore wind energy, photovoltaics, biogas and biomethane, biofuels, electromobility, CCUS, green hydrogen, and synthetic fuels.

Our vision

New technologies, environmental and customer trends transform the world we live in and run our business. We perceive those trends as a chance to develop a sustainable business model and become a leader in the energy transition in Central Europe.

Sustainability strategy

Sustainability is the main driver for the development of the ORLEN Group. Sustainability at ORLEN means minimizing the impact on climate, protecting the natural environment, ensuring good working conditions in the company, cooperating with local communities and managing responsibly.

2030 Strategy

Within our ORLEN2030 strategy, we will invest over PLN 30 bn in sustainable development, including PLN 25 bn intended for investments reducing CO2 emissions. By 2050, ORLEN Group aims to achieve full carbon neutrality.

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Crude oil processing capacity

ORLEN2022 ≈42m tonnes/year
ORLEN2030 ≈42m tonnes/year
Biofuel production
ORLEN2022 ≈0,3m tonnes
ORLEN2030 >3m tonnes


Share of speciality petrochemical products in the portfolio
ORLEN2022 ≈16%
ORLEN2030 ≈25%
Installed recycling capacity
ORLEN2030 ≈0,3-0,4m tonnes


Installed RES capacity, including wind and solar
ORLEN2022 0,7 GW
ORLEN2030 >9 GW
Installed gas-fired capacity
ORLEN2022 1,7 GW
ORLEN2030 ≈4 GW


Number of fuel stations in Central European markets
ORLEN2022 >3 100
ORLEN2030 >3 500
Number of fast charging points for electric vehicles
ORLEN2022 ≈600
ORLEN2030 >10 000


Volume of gas extraction

ORLEN2022 ≈8 bn m3
ORLEN2030 >12 bn m3
LNG supplies to Poland
ORLEN2022 5,8 bn m3
ORLEN2030 ≈15 bn m3

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