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Anti-corruption policy of ORLEN Group

Assurance of a fair and transparent model of activities carried out by the ORLEN Group, guaranteeing trust & confidence, security, free competition and value for all stakeholders of the ORLEN Group.

Our obligations

  • We act in line with proceeding values and standards of the ORLEN Group within our daily duties.
  • We do not tolerate corrupt behaviour/conduct, consisting in misusing positions or functions to obtain undue financial or personal benefits.
  • We are active in raising and verifying awareness of ethical attitudes and risks of corruption amongst our staff members and contracting parties.
  • Representatives of the ORLEN Group management staff are obliged to create a work environment based on respect for ethical standards and compliance with regulations in force.
  • We avoid conflicts of interests which may undermine our honesty and credibility.
  • We comply with internal regulations of the ORLEN Group within the scope of expenditures and gifts.
  • We identify and manage the risk of corrupt behaviour/conduct and other abuses in a responsible and conscious manner.
  • We report and clarify cases including infringements of legal provisions and internal regulations on counteracting corruption and immediately take up appropriate disciplinary and remedial actions.
  • We abide by anti-corruption regulations in all places where our business activities are carried out.