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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics is a set of up-to-date, clear and practical rules of ethical conduct for all ORLEN Group employees, based on a revised approach to understanding ORLEN values: Responsibility, Progress, People, Energy and Dependability, as well as the current scale and operating strategy, the requirements of the Group’s environment, and best practices in the field of business ethics.

Values and Code of Conduct

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In a joint and consistent effort, we are building an innovative and competitive multi-energy corporation on the international market. We believe that it is not only what we achieve that counts, but also how we achieve it.

Our mission: „By nature, we fuel the future sustainably” reflects the assumptions and objectives set out in the ORLEN 2030 strategy. We implement them in accordance with our motto: „ORLEN. Powering the future. Sustainably”. We base all our actions on the fundamental values of the ORLEN Group: Responsibility, Development, People, Energy and Reliability. They motivate us to develop and implement our strategy effectively and boldly. Our Mission, Motto and Values express our common beliefs and help us realise the full potential of the ORLEN Group.

ORLEN is a recognised global brand. Our individual efforts, when combined, define who we are as a company and how the world sees us. It is our duty to respect this legacy and build an even stronger position for the ORLEN Group.

Common values have been for years the link that joins us in conducting ethical business and cooperation. The decision to adopt a common Code of Ethics across the ORLEN Group strengthens the Company’s position as a coherent and strong organisation.

It is crucial as we labour to achieve this goal to maintain a consistent attitude in the process of implementing the provisions of the Code of Ethics into the standards of conduct.

This responsibility rests with all employees, especially managers. Leaders set the example by their own conduct. Their irreproachable behaviour makes the provisions of the Code of Ethics credible and acceptable. Managers create conditions that allow employees to make responsible decisions. The supervisor is the natural and closest contact when it comes to ethical issues.

We care for the trust of the widest possible range of stakeholders, in particular our employees, customers and business partners. This is why we act in Compliance with our values and in accordance with ethical standards and legal regulations. Our value-based organisational culture determines our market success and provides a solid foundation for further development.

I believe that our shared values and the highest standards of business and personal ethics will help us to make the right decisions and choices in our daily work.


Yours sincerely,
Daniel Obajtek
President of the Management Board ORLEN S.A.