About us


The innovation ecosystem

ORLEN's innovations are our response to the challenges related to the global energy transition. They refer to sustainable development, decarbonization and digitization. We implement the goals defined in the Technology and Innovation Strategy through the tools of acquiring new technologies in the open innovation model - ORLEN Skylight accelerator, ORLEN VC and the Research and Development Centre.


ORLEN Skylight accelerator

If you have an interesting solution, run a startup and are looking for a business partner with whom you want to jointly develop and scale your technology, join our program.

Technology and Innovation Strategy

The Technology and Innovation Strategy comprehensively defines the vision, goals and directions of innovation development in ORLEN Capital Group in the 2030 horizon and, in a broader perspective, until 2050. Moreover, the document identifies technological gaps and level of ambition of the ORLEN Capital Group in terms of technology development in specific areas. The directions of technology and innovation development are described in 13 technology domains.

Our implementations

Years and years, we have been carrying out innovative projects. Meet the startups working with us.


We endorse and develop new technologies, that may support our activity or create brand new products and services for the clients of ORLEN Group.

Research and Development Centre

The Research and Development Centre has been established to meet the objectives of the ORLEN2030 strategy, including those driven by energy transition and intense growth of the ORLEN Group. The R+D centre boosts new ideas, research and tests, while being environmentally-friendly and producing green solar and wind energy. 


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