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  • No. 46/2023 22-11-2023

    ORLEN financial calendar for 2024

  • No. 45/2023 31-10-2023

    ORLEN financial data for the third quarter 2023 under segments

  • No. 44/2023 20-10-2023

    Mr Michał Klimaszewski resigned from the position of ORLEN Supervisory Board Member

  • No. 43/2023 26-09-2023

    Change in the date of publication of ORLEN’s financial statements for the third quarter of 2023

  • No. 42/2023 25-09-2023

    Signing of a mutual consent to terminate the agreement with auditor

  • No. 41/2023 19-09-2023

    Signing of credit agreements for Offshore Wind Farm Project financing

  • No. 40/2023 11-09-2023

    Summary of the cost of issuing series B Eurobonds

  • No. 39/2023 24-08-2023

    ORLEN financial data for the second quarter 2023 under segments

  • No. 38/2023 10-08-2023

    Conditional investment decision on launch of construction stage of Offshore Wind Farm

  • No. 37/2023 10-08-2023

    Disclosure of delayed inside information regarding resolution of the ORLEN Management Board on conditional investment decision on the Offshore Wind Farm project

  • No. 36/2023 13-07-2023

    Summary of the public offering Eurobonds and their admission to trading on the regulated market operated by Euronext Dublin

  • No. 35/2023 11-07-2023

    The statement of claim for repealing the resolution of Extraordinary General Meeting of PGNiG

  • No. 34/2023 07-07-2023

    Setting the key terms and conditions of Eurobonds issue

  • No. 33/2023 04-07-2023

    ORLEN S.A. concluded agreement the execution of which will result in acquisition of petrol stations network in Austria

  • No. 32/2023 04-07-2023

    Disclosure of delayed inside information regarding consent of the ORLEN Management and Supervisory Boards for acquisition of the network of petrol stations in Austria

  • No. 31/2023 03-07-2023

    Company’s name changed to ORLEN S.A. - registration of changes of the Company’s Articles of Association

  • No. 30/2023 29-06-2023

    Development of the petrochemical segment within ORLEN Capital Group

  • No. 29/2023 21-06-2023

    Shareholders with at least 5% of votes at OGM of PKN ORLEN

  • No. 28/2023 21-06-2023

    Decision of the Ordinary General Meeting regarding dividend payment for 2022

  • No. 27/2023 21-06-2023

    Resolutions passed by the Ordinary General Meeting held on 21 June 2023

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