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ORLEN in organizations

     We cooperate with a number of industry, specialist and business associations and organisations, building lasting relationships with our environment. Thanks to the commitment of our employees, we have access to up-to-date knowledge of laws concerning the fuel and
chemical sectors, both in Poland and in the European Union, and to the results of international research and technological solutions which could be applied at the Company.

Participating in organisations fosters integration of PKN ORLEN’s technical and engineering staff with other oil and petrochemical sector workers in Poland and abroad, and offers opportunities to expand knowledge and share experience with others. Once a year a survey is conducted among our Colleagues, which verifies the level of cooperation and our activity in those organisations. This dialogue allows us to analyse the benefits of such membership on an ongoing basis.


We appreciate the advantages of engaging in organisations and associations. It brings profits at various levels of the Company’s activity, allowing us to maintain day-to-day contact with specialists in related fields, exchange experience with other companies, and attend seminars and conferences.

     As a socially responsible company, thanks to our involvement in industry organisations we work on issues related to health, safety and environmental protection, with a particular focus on the problems connected with the impact of the oil and petrochemical industry products. We monitor assessments of the risk related to the
use of chemicals, have access to the results of scientific research concerning the influence of the refining industry and oil products on the natural environment, and to new refining technologies and oil products. We also co-finance studies on the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals) system, which is expected to lead to the implementation of a chemicals control system so that we can protect human health and the environment while taking advantage of the benefits offered by chemical substances.

Our membership in specialist organisations is an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas and an opportunity to strengthen the Company’s image as a responsible business partner and employer. By providing consultancy and opinions on the draft legislation acts presented by the government or the Parliament, and presenting entrepreneurs’ opinions to the economic and political decision-makers, we are in a position to influence the final shape of legal regulations. In doing so we seek to obtain statutory guarantees for economic freedom.

Organisations which thanks to their versatility help to build the standing and prestige of business communities are used by us as a platform for sharing experience and discussing multifaceted aspects of various issues connected with the business world and the key factors that affect its functioning. The operational scope of such organisations covers many spheres of economic activity, including corporate social responsibility.

ORLEN Group 2019 Integrated Report