Get to know us

We shape business

We are a multigenerational team that combines professionalism with passion. Each of us has a variety of knowledge and experience that we share with others. It is the individual contribution of each employee and good cooperation that make up the strength of our team and allow us to implement projects at the highest level. Our work allows us to fulfill our professional ambitions, develop interests and help others. Get to know us and find out what drives us.

01. A job of exceptional importance

Values and tradition are our reasons to be proud. Work in a Polish Concern of strategic importance for the Polish economy and international scale of operations is prestigious and unique experiences that result from the business versatility of the Concern.

02. Continuous development

The dynamically changing business environment is the energy to implement innovations. We consistently strive to increase the value of the Capital Group in all its areas through modern implementation of innovations at every level of operations.

03. Stability of employment

High employment standards and professional development facilitates maintaining a balance between work and private life and gives energy to help others, care for the natural environment, promote culture and sport, and matters that matter to local communities.

04. Many possibilities

We have built a team of professionals from several dozen different professional specializations. The business versatility of the ORLEN Capital Group allows us to carry out tasks and work in various locations in Poland and abroad.

Experienced professionals


Cezary Leleń

My work in the Company started with a six-month internship under the “Kierunek ORLEN” ("Direction: ORLEN") program. I proved my skills and was employed in the technical supervision and operational safety team.


Ewelina Rudowska

When I carry out interesting tasks, I can constantly improve and implement many unique projects that give me the opportunity to develop and gain more and more knowledge.

I also value inter-department cooperation; it contributes to the fact that we pursue a common goal, which we can see directly reflected in the numbers.


Michał Kos

My task is to show how much we - as ORLEN - are present in people's lives, even if they do not realize it.

Not everyone knows that when they go on holiday, their plane is most likely flying thanks to ORLEN's fuel. Or that when they land, even in such a remote corner of the world as the Samoan Islands, they will be walking on asphalt made by ORLEN.


Aneta Skalska

We build comprehensive benefit and wellbeing programs to cover all areas of our employees' lives. We consider the working environment, the external environment, what is happening in the labour market, and we introduce programs that meet various needs.



Daria Duś

I am an intern at the Central Laboratory in the Oil Processing Departmet. While on the internship, I am learning different analytic techniques that are used while studying liquid fuels, and the results evaluation criteria. I am dealing with samples obtained from fuel terminals and learning how to prepare simulation mixtures from the obtained components.


Julia Gawryś

I do my internship in the Chemical Additive Purchasing Team, where I participate in purchasing processes, obtaining offers, negotiating processes and in direct cooperation with many business partners from Płock and Włocławek, as well as contractors from around the world.


Adrian Sidorek

I am an intern at the Environmental Protection Office. I support the team in conducting environmental education and environmental information management. I keep environmental databases and update the Environmental Protection Instructions.


Aleksandra Lendzion

I am a trainee at the Olefins Production Intensification Office. In addition to taking part in project work, I support the team in developing documentation, preparing technical analyses, and commercial negotiations.